HotS: Neuer Hero und seine Skills

Nachdem Blizzards Twitter-Timeline mit Vermutungen zum neuen Helden-Release heiß lief, kam nun die öffentliche Bestätigung seitens der Entwickler: Urzerg Dehaka (StarCraft) wird der neue spielbare Charakter im Free2Play-Moba.

Hier nun für euch eine Auflistung seiner Skills:

Role: Melee Warrior /// Difficulty: Easy

Mount (Z): Brushstalker – You cannot use Mounts. Instead, you may burrow to any bush or vent on the Battleground. 40 second cooldown

Trait (D): Essence Collection – You collect 10 Essence per Hero Takedown, and 2 per enemy Minion killed nearby, storing up to a maximum of 50 Essence. Activate to consume all stored Essence and regenerate Health over the next 5 seconds for each stack consumed. Can be cast during Drag and Burrow.

Basic Abilities
  • Drag (Q): Lash out with your tongue, dealing light damage to the first enemy hit, and dragging them with you for 1.75 seconds.
  • Dark Swarm (W): Over the next three seconds, you gain the ability to move through units and deal damage in an area around yourself. Deals double damage to Heroes. Can be cast during Drag and Burrow.
  • Burrow (E): Burrow into the ground, entering Stasis and becoming Invulnerable for 2 seconds.
Heroic Abilities
  • Isolation (R): Launch biomass that deals damage, silences, and slows the first enemy Hero it hits by 30% for 3 seconds. For the next 6 seconds, the affected enemy loses sight of allied Heroes, and has greatly reduced vision.
  • Adaptation (R): After a 5 second delay, 60% of all damage taken during this time will be returned to you as Health.


Level 1
  • Enduring Swarm: Dark Swarm reduces damage from Abilities
  • Essence Devourer: Gather Regen Globes to gain Essence
  • Enhanced Agility: Collecting Essence increases move speed
  • Tissue Regeneration: Essences increase Health Regen permanently
Level 7
  • Feeding Frenzy – Basic Attacks reduce Drag cooldown
  • Constriction – Increases Drag duration
  • Symbiosis – Reduces Dark Swarm cooldown when you hit Heroes
  • One-Who-Collects – Increases Essence from Minions
Level 13
  • Swift Pursuit – Increases move speed in bushes
  • Ferocious Stalker – Brushstalker increases move speed
  • Whirling Dervish – Halves duration of disables during Dark Swarm


Quelle: PlayNation, Heroesnexus


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